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Applied Motion Technologies (AMT) provides the wide range of industrial technology training for plant maintenance and plant engineering personnel that their company's need. The training that AMT provides ranges from the fundamental principles to design considerations.

All of our training courses and programs, at all levels of presentation have one goal - that our students return to their job with transferrable skills that will be used to do their job better! All of our training courses are reality-based. Our training equipment has been designed and constructed using real industrial components - no toys! AMT provides more System-Specific technology training than any other provider requiring substantial preparation time for every training assignment.

Our focused training is the subject-specific/technology-specific training that we provide at our well-equipped training facility, the Industrial Technology Training Center (ITTC) in Bethlehem, PA. This is where our students learn what they need to know before tackling their specific equipment at their work place. In other words, we cover all of your company's and your team's learning needs from principles to the specifics of your hydraulic equipment. Call us. Talk to us. Tell us about your personnel technology learning needs.

How can we help you reach your equipment maintenance and productivity goals?

WE OFFER CLASSES IN THE FOLLOWING: (Click here for the 2020 Training at a Glance)

Getting Started with Hydraulics - Industrial Hydraulics - Mobile Hydraulic - Hands on Hydraulics - Industrial Control Electricity - Principles of Pneumatics - Press Control Setup - Programmable Logic Controllers - Electronic Controls for Hydraulics (Hydraulic) - Schematic Reading and Interpretation - Troubleshooting Hydraulic Systems - International Fluid Power Society Certification Training and Testing for Hydraulic Specialist and Mechanic - Using Electro-Hydraulic Proportional Valves - Fluid Power Conductors and Connectors

WE OFFER classes in the following

Advanced Hydraulics & System Improvement
Advanced Hydraulics &
System Improvement
Getting Started With Hydraulics (GSH)
Getting Started With
Hydraulics (GSH)
Industrial Control Electricity (ICE)
Industrial Control
Electricity (ICE)
Industrial Hydraulic Principles (IHP)
Industrial Hydraulic
Principles (IHP)
PLC's For Industrial Maintenance Techs
PLC's For Industrial
Maintenance Techs
Principles of Pneumatics (P.O.P.)
Principles of
Pneumatics (P.O.P.)
Schematic Reading & Interpretation
Schematic Reading
& Interpretation
Troubleshooting Hydraulic Systems
Hydraulic Systems